Container Buildout

Project Overview

We, the students and educators of REAL School, have been involved in designing and assembling our learning space since the beginning of the school. The more we built, the more we realised that we will soon need a bigger and better equipped workshop for our tools, outside of our current space. Together with the learners we discussed our needs and decided that we want a space that is functional, mobile, and affordable. Upon comparing our options we came to the conclusion that a container would make a great workshop space. So we started designing...

Project Goals

Long term:

  • To build out a full size container workshop for our own use by the start of the next school year [covering Learning Goals 10, 12, 18, 20]

Short term:

  • Creating 1:20 scale models of how each student envisions our container should be

  • Individually designing the containers [covering Learning Goals 16]

  • Presenting and pitching their ideas to each other [covering Learning Goals 11, 13]

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The final product of this stage of the project consisted of accurately measured containers at a 1:20 scale, individually designed with features that the students felt reflected their needs and their imaginations.

Skills Developed