Are you looking for a great short-term school
for your children in Budapest?

Are you in Budapest with your family for a month or more? Are your children homeschooled or in distance learning? Imagine if they could instead be in the company of new friends, engage in a variety of learning and play opportunities, and get support with their studies. And do all this in a welcoming and diverse community - in a British-accredited learning environment.

REAL School Budapest offers a warm and art-filled environment where learning is project-based and individualised, so it is easy to join throughout the year. A limited number of spaces are available for film industry children. All learning and teaching is in English, but proficiency is only required above 11.

We have an international team of educators, and an innovative yet straightforward schedule:


A time dedicated to building relationships and social-emotional engagement through games, songs, rituals and talking.


Working through maths, building stronger writing skills, discussing latest readings, and getting exposed to key concepts of science.


Real life project work for 21st century skills development, following consistent design processes with a real impact, while exposing children to nature, people and cultures.


Learning happens everywhere. So each week we spend a day out in nature or in the city, exploring and getting our hands dirty.


Opportunity to continue project work, or join a language class, arts and music courses, game clubs or sports.

Before you visit REAL School to meet our cast and crew, and to stay for a taster day, we would like to offer a gentle warning: Beware - your child might want to stayMonthly terms apply to film industry professionals, please contact us for details.

For more information, please read through this website, drop us a line at, or call +36 21 262 0380.

REAL School Learning Nonprofit Ltd.

Záhony utca 7

1031 Budapest, Hungary

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