the city is our classroom

the island is our backyard

Combining the best of what urban life and nature can offer, REAL School is located in Óbuda, right next to the Danube river, at the southern end of Graphisoft Park. This part of the Park has been built recently, providing us with a modern indoor space for learning, experimenting and having fun. We also have direct access to a large outdoor space for free play and for our very own urban raised-bed food garden. The proximity of the Danube and the Óbudai Island is a major plus - in a few minutes we can jump into a huge pile of leaves, take a bike ride or read under the trees.

We have turned this location into our dream home, inspiring kids and the whole community on a daily basis. The intention is for the campus to be both a demonstration and an experimentation ground for sustainable living.

We recognise that learning is innately human and happens everywhere and all the time: at school, at home, in the city, around the world. Our physical environment at the school plays a major role in how we feel, behave, and develop, and hence it is of utmost importance at the REAL School. The environment needs to support our social-emotional wellbeing, our pedagogical philosophy, and our approach to sustainability.


Wall-less-ness is also physical, not just philosophical at the REAL School. Most learning spaces are open plan and change based on project needs, while much of the learning happens outside of the campus. Using all the city and nature has to offer for everyday activities eliminates the walls between school and the world.


care about

Most of our furniture was created by us using sustainable materials and technologies. We use locally sourced components, such as cardboard, wood, timber, glue and felt to create natural surfaces. They feel good to the touch, soft to the eyes and warm to the heart. We use minimal steel and no plastic (except when we receive good quality reused furniture as gifts –thanks for those!).


When searching for the perfect campus, having a big, enjoyable, full-of-adventures outdoor space was essential for us. Learning cannot and should not be limited to the indoors. Kids who spend time outdoors under every type of weather conditions end up more resilient and more balanced. We thankfully found an amazing space where we can do just that.

plant-based LUNCH

The school offers delicious plant-based food, with a school lunch menu created especially for REAL School. Our ambition is to have much of the veggies come from our own urban food garden, which is designed and cared for by kids and adults together. Developing awareness of our relationship with food is crucial to both personal well-being, and that of our planet.


isn't a luxury, it's a necessity

We recognise that there is not yet a universally shared understanding of “sustainability,” and that some people find the term problematic for a variety of reasons. Still, it is clear that unintentionally educating for unsustainability makes no sense, if we want to flourish over time. Education for Sustainability as a pedagogy implies that we are intentional about preparing students to participate in the shift toward the future we want. Whether you prefer the word sustainable, restorative, regenerative, resilient or something else, we are recruiting educators who are united in their desire to cultivate individual and collective potential and to increase the possibility that humans and other life can flourish on Earth now and into the future. We hope that those of you who fit that description will join us on this journey. [adapted from the Cloud Institute]

We refer to the

UN Sustainable Development Goals

when we consider challenges with which we engage


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