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Ángel Sanz Briz út 13

1033 Budapest, Hungary

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Because changing the world

is a truly GREAT way

to spend your life


REAL School Budapest

The school for the curious, creative and courageous


As a kid, joining REAL School means learning through real-life projects, and following your curiosity.

As a parent, you will be among like-minded people who give a damn about the world's challenges.

And as an educator, you will have the freedom to design engaging learning experiences and bring them to life, with a great purpose.

Applications are open for kids ages 6-13 for the current and upcoming academic years.

Real life learning
for a sustainable world

The founding team has spent years at Green School Bali, got completely heartwashed, and is now bringing this educational approach to Budapest, adapted to an urban and European cultural setting.

Student agency is at the heart of learning. It gives students voice and choice in how and what they learn. It results in activities that are meaningful and relevant to learners. It is driven by their interests, often self-initiated with appropriate guidance from teachers.

Real life learning” involves students  in real-world activities to find their passions, develop their skills and to learn about our world and themselves. We believe that the best way to prepare for the real world is to be fully engaged with it now.

For a sustainable world” stands for our ultimate ambition of helping our learners build a healthy future for themselves, their communities and the planet. Read more about our perspective on sustainability.

REAL School empowers kids to discover what they love, to acquire skills that will be valuable in the future, and to learn to adapt.

A school to help find your

We nurture our motivation to contribute to a sustainable, just and peaceful world.

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The best way to prepare for real life is to be engaged in it now.



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