REAL School Budapest is an independent, not-for-profit international learning environment that educates for sustainability, primarily through real-life, entrepreneurial learning. Our mission is to raise a new generation who can dream and build a more beautiful, equitable and sustainable world for themselves and for all living beings.

The school is currently accepting international students aged 6 to 15, and will grow with them until high school graduation. 

Accreditation & AWARDS

First things first: REAL School has been awarded Patron's Accredited Member status with the premier global association for British schools overseas, the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). This means we have been quality assured against a strict set of standards and recognised as offering a high-quality British education. REAL School is one of only 22 schools globally that have received this level of accreditation, and the only one in Hungary.

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As a special show of recognition, COBIS has awarded REAL School with two Blue Circle ("beacon school") Awards: one for its commitment to sustainability, and the second one for its exemplary approach to wellbeing in the school community and its learning programme.

Read more about these high-quality recognitions on our blog.

REAL School International Primary School is also fully licensed by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities. 


We choose to build a better world

through education

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As with all good ideas, this project comes out of the personal frustration of our founding family. Having tried a number of private, public, international and national schools in Hungary, the founders, Barna Baráth and Viktória Szemerédy wanted to have their children in a community and environment that recognizes what a great deal of international research shows: 21st-century children need a completely different kind of education - one that focuses on skills, mindset and adaptability, rather than content.

So they packed up and moved to Bali, Indonesia to attend Green School, and expected lots of good influence for their children. What they didn’t expect was that it would completely change their lives.  They became part of a community that was obsessed with creating a better world through education. They couldn't escape this calling ever since.

They also got professionally involved in Green School, with Barna leading a multi-year strategic-planning project that uncovered and developed the school’s blueprint, including its purpose, learning goals, school model and governance. This set the Green School on a path to becoming sustainable and shareable. Barna served on the School’s Board of Management and then as a Trustee.


After four years, they decided to bring their learnings and experience to the European cultural setting of Budapest, Hungary and created an "urbanized" version of Green School. Welcome to the REAL School.


The difference

REAL School challenges some of the fundamental premises of mainstream education.

difference between old school and real school

Our magical creatures

aka the team

RSBP team 2021

Ultimately it's all about the people. REAL School children are inspired and guided by a dynamic, diverse and progressive educator team from around the globe, who simply really care. The School is supported by a young admin crew, a wonderful architect, brand, communication, finance, legal and accreditation experts. We are still looking for amazing people who want to help create a better future, especially more great educators and a fundraiser.

Check out our YouTube channel to see videos with our educators

We asked our faculty...

What do you bring to REAL School?


Dave Strudwick


“I bring up our collective age whilst connecting dreams to the detail of our days together.”


Panni Fehér

Arts & Projects Educator

"To feel like a sponge: Exploring and inhaling the world around us to have the creativity and the freedom of expressing ourselves through the language of arts."


Nicki Lorenzini

Head of Community Wellbeing

“A wholehearted passion to empower others to be compassionate, resilient and secure in themselves and in the world.”


Bogi Kalmár


“A pinch of craziness and the marvel of learning. And a big bag of encouragement.”


Claire Strudwick


“A creative, play-based approach to children’s learning, that’s meaningful to them and builds a better world.”


Lizzie Granger


“A talent for theatrics and a knack for words, but most of all a love of creativity in any form, from every corner of the world.”


Min Miller


“A life-long learner who helps young people to find inspiration in words, pictures, music, and nature so they can build skills to achieve their dreams, and make a positive contribution to our world.”


Anita Nagy


“A scientific approach to complement instinctive knowledge, and support in finding your own way of learning for life.”


Paul Appleby


"A love of noisy, messy, active education, and a strong desire to help my learners develop effective communication and collaborative skills."


Kinga Kovács


"My positive energy, my joy of collaborating with kids, guiding them, and meeting their curiosity in play, dance and art."


We are


Are you an experienced and inspiring primary or middle school teacher who has the full toolbox of teaching and learning at their fingerprint, wanting to break out of the box? Do you care for social or environmental issues? Have you always trusted kids to have a say in their own learning? Then join us!



Dave Strudwick

Záhony utca 7

U2 building

1031 Budapest, Hungary

Chair of the Board

of Governors

Barna Baráth

Záhony utca 7

U2 bulding

1031 Budapest, Hungary